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Certified Upper Extremity -Neck
Certified Upper Extremity -Neck

Discover The Power of Hands-on Functional & Manual Physical Therapy:
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Welcome to IPT, Integrative Physical Therapy, your first and last step to rehabilitating injury and ending pain.

If you have muscle spasms, disabling back pain, hip aching discomfort, bothersome knee pain, nagging neck pain or are recovering from an injury or surgery; then IPT, Integrative Physical Therapy is your number one choice for pain relief and a fast return to doing what you love.

Are you in agony sitting at your desk… just trying to do your job?

Do you “pay for it” every time you do yard work, do the dishes, clean the house or cook? Let IPT help get your life back!

Do you love gardening, but can’t stand the pain that comes with it?

And, of course, you LOVE to play with the kids and the grandchildren. Yet, perhaps injury or pain limits your joy and freedom. Let IPT show you how to conquer that pain!

And who doesn’t need more energy? Perhaps you are ready to get back into exercise, but fear more pain or re-injury. Let IPT teach you how to exercise with ease!

If you are an athlete, are you ready to train better and harder? Would you like to improve your athletic performance, play better golf, run without pain or walk farther?

Seniors, are you ready to beat osteoporosis, get healthier and hurt less?

Well then, STOP struggling ….. and choose IPT now.

At IPT we treat the whole body, not just the patient’s symptoms and this is what distinguishes us from other physical therapy practices.

This is why we chose to name our practice, Integrative Physical Therapy. Because integrative means “to make into a whole by bringing all parts together.”

So…here’s the inside scoop, “Not all physical therapy is the same!”

What does this mean for you? Let me explain it this way: If we are talking cars for a moment…both a Civic and Mercedes have 4 wheels, seats to sit in, and usually get you where you want to go.

But if you could choose between the two, you would likely choose the one that will get there most safely, most reliably and even do so in more comfort and ease.

Well, with physical therapy, you CAN CHOOSE the Mercedes! You can choose IPT.

IPT offers ONE ON ONE, individualized, physical therapy sessions and takes almost all insurances.

Many clinics today double book patients and juggle 3, even 4 patients at one time. Not IPT!

Not only does IPT offer longer sessions of one on one therapy, IPT is also considered a manual therapy clinic – which means YOU get hands-on treatments!

That means IPT utilizes techniques like deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point release, myofascial release, Counterstrain technique, acupressure, stretching, soft tissue mobilizations, muscle energy techniques and much -much more to align bones, release spasms, loosen muscles, decrease pain and improve your function.

And, that’s not all!

IPT gives you one on one sessions so they can also train you in CUTTING EDGE functional exercise programs. You will learn POSITIONS, POSTURE and EXERCISES that actually enable you to get out of pain and improve your life! IPT’s comprehensive home exercise programs are customized to fit your specific needs and for your particular body, and this is what makes IPT so different!

IPT will create for you an entire body re-aligning and strengthening home exercise program. This program can feel good and be easy & gentle, or more advanced for athletes and sport enhancement.

If you think you tried physical therapy before, so you know what it can do, then think again. IPT is different. IPT will bring to you the powerful combination of hands-on techniques with personalized exercise programs and extensive education.

So, why choose IPT?

Because IPT gives you more

to save you money,

to save you time

and to save your Body!

We so look forward to working with you. Call us now and begin to feel better today!

(518) 373-0735

So, Make sure you check out our FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and perhaps more importantly, check out our SAQ’s (should ask questions) for more information on choosing the right physical therapy for you!

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We look forward to serving you soon!


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