Integrative Physical Therapy

"Moving You From Pain & Injury… Back Into Your Life"

About IPT

Integrative means “to make into a whole by bringing all parts together.”

At IPT, our therapists examine your entire body to see how each part is influencing
and affecting the other parts. In this way, IPT looks at the big picture
and gets to the source of the problem while alleviating symptoms.

Specifically, IPT focuses on functional movement strategies. This is looking at how the entire body works three dimensionally in relationship to gravity, mass & momentum and ground reaction forces. In other words, how your body moves in everyday activities.

IPT will treat your body as the complex system that it is, while making it simple to understand and giving you effective tools for success.
Integrative PT is not just a traditional outpatient physical therapy clinic with all the modalities, equipment and resources known to the physical therapy profession.

IPT also includes an emphasis on skilled manual therapy and utilizes advanced trainings to offer its clients the most comprehensive personal health programs.

This means you get hands-on treatments that include techniques like deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point release, myofascial release, Counterstrain technique, acupressure, stretching, soft tissue mobilizations, muscle energy techniques and much – much more to align bones, release spasms, loosen muscles, decrease pain and improve your function.

IPT is one of the only physical therapy clinics that offers one on one, individualized, physical therapy sessions AND takes almost all insurances. Many clinics today double book patients and juggle 3, even 4 patients at one time. Not IPT!

IPT recognizes that each person is unique and has their own pattern of movement, body alignment and postural habits and that all this takes time to properly diagnose and treat. So, IPT gives you longer, one on one sessions.

IPT will also create for you an entire body re-aligning and strengthening home exercise program. This program can feel good and be easy & gentle, or more advanced for athletes and sport enhancement. You will learn positions, posture and exercises that actually enable you to get out of pain and improve your life!

If you think you tried physical therapy before, so you know what it can do, then think again. IPT is different. IPT will bring to you the powerful combination of hands-on techniques with specialized exercise programs and extensive education.

IPT uniquely combines Pilates, yoga, applied functional science, Egoscue method, McKenzie technique, personal strength training with physical therapy exercises to create the perfect rehabilitation program for YOUR SPECIFIC BODY and needs! IPT recruits the best physical therapists and employ the most highly qualified and skilled professionals in their field. Our therapists are both trained in-house and sent to intensive continuing education programs. Each of our therapists has innovative knowledge in manual therapy techniques and works one-one one with each patient to make sure that the goals of their treatment plan are met. Treatment begins with the therapist taking a thorough history to determine the root cause of pain. Each patient is then given a meaningful assessment and receives a comprehensive and personalized treatment program.

In today’s health care climate not everyone takes the time or supportive training to provide such a skilled approach. At IPT you will NOT be left alone in a gym or left on a hot pack, you WILL however have unprecedented one on one HANDS-ON care and a very individualized rehabilitation & exercise program. And all this is covered by your health insurance


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