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Our Staff at IPT

Kimberly DelVecchio, PT, FAFS

Owner and Founder, Kimberly DelVecchio graduated from Russell Sage College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Dissatisfied with the quality of care she was witness to in her field; Kimberly created IPT in 2000 in order to offer one on one specialized therapy. IPT was created for the patients, as opposed to the production line PT clinics where several patients are treated simultaneously in order to offset diminishing reimbursement rates.

Kimberly utilizes functional bio-mechanics with manual therapy and is passionate to serve her patients and the community at large. To accomplish this she is endlessly pursuing cutting edge techniques and strategies that uplift and heal. Kimberly has created different wellness programs and  lectures on an integrative approach to healing, the body-mind system and meditation. Kimberly graduated in 2011 as a Fellow of  Applied Functional Science (FAFS) from the Gray Institute. Gary Gray is considered the founder of functional therapy and is famous for helping countless professional athletes and for keeping them in the game when all else failed. Functional therapy considers how the body works as a biomechanical chain from the foot to the head while considering the force of gravity, movement in 3 planes, ground reaction forces and sport specific demands.

Kimberly considers applied functional science, AFS, the golden key that unlocked her potential to really make a difference in patient outcomes. “I can now simply watch a person walk, run or move and see broken links in the chain or aberrant movement patterns away from the site of injury and yet nonetheless the cause of the problem.” As a result of her FAFS and success with athletes who felt they exhausted all other options, IPT is becoming known for its sport specific rehab in addition to its manual therapy. In particular, as a result of the extensive focus in AFS on the foot and lower extremity biomechanics during gait (walking and running form), Kimberly really enjoys the success she is having working with runners.

In addition to the study of biomechanics and AFS, Kimberly continues to complete training’s through the Jones Institute in SCS, Strain Counterstrain osteopathic and manual fascial techniques. She has completed SCS spine and SCS lymph to date. She has taken countless myofascial release programs and cranial-sacral certification trainings over her 22 years as a therapist.

Most recently Kimberly is proud to have completed her Active Release Technique, ART certification in the upper extremity/neck.


Jill Vigar-Bechard, PT

Jill Vigar-Bechard graduated with a B.S. in Physical Therapy from Downstate Medical Center in 1981. Jill’s clinical focus over 25 years of experience has included the care of infants, children and adults with orthopedic and neurological impairments. Jill’s clinical and administrative depth of knowledge supports her as the Clinical Coordinator of IPT.

Jill is a leader in the field of physical therapy distinguished by her extensive post graduate training, manual therapy skills and dedication to her patients. Jill is not happy if she has not triumphed over dysfunction or pain and she will not stop looking until she finds her patients the necessary solutions. Jill inspires the best of every one who enters IPT and warms the hearts of us all!




Beverly Benfer, MS PT

Certified Graston Technique Provider
Certified Health Coach, AADP
 Karmic Synergy Wellness

Be the change you wish to see in the world.”…..Gandhi

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Beverly was born and raised in Plattsburgh, New York.   She moved to Saratoga in the late 1980’s after residing in Philadelphia and Hong Kong.

Beverly received her combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Physical Therapy degree from Russell Sage College in Troy, NY. Beverly enjoys practicing Physical Therapy at IPT in Clifton Park because of their approach to “the body as a whole”, not just treating the injury site, along with the quality treatment time each patient receives. She feels it is important to help clients understand how their daily activity, posture and habits may be the root to their pain. “I feel as though we are body detectives.” Additionally, Beverly feels her training as a holistic health coach, fitness trainer and extensive life experience enables her as a physical therapist to get successful results where others had failed.

In her free time, Beverly is a Certified Health Coach and group workshop presenter, focusing on nutrition and physical fitness along with the full circle of career, relationships, spirituality and mindfulness. Upon entering her 50’s, Beverly has realized the importance of a holistic natural diet that can directly relate to longevity, minimizing the risks of common health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s/dementia, and general inflammatory physical deterioration of the body.

Beverly’s has been involved in fitness in the Saratoga area for over a 30 year period. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, skiing, running, hiking, and raising her 2 children.  Her focus is helping clients to improve their health and wellness naturally, providing a ripple effect to their children and others in their lives.

More recently Beverly completed the basic and the advanced trainings in the Graston Technique, making her a certified Graston Technique provider! Beverly feels her success using the Graston Technique has taken her practice to the next level.

IPT’s patients are reporting faster results and IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF from Beverly’s application of the Graston Technique. She often now has a waiting list to be seen, and her colleagues have seen such amazing results that they too will be getting Graston certified in the near future.


 Heather Tremblay-Croteau, PT, DPT, CSCS

Heather is a native to Clifton Park, growing up right around the corner from IPT and graduated from Shenendehowa Central Schools. It had been a childhood dream of Heather’s to become a Physical Therapist with interests in music and sports. She received her Bachelor’s in Creative Arts in Therapy with a concentration in Music in 2008 at Russell Sage College. She then continued on at Sage Graduate School to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011. In early 2012 Heather became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She has been a member of the APTA since 2004 and the NSCA since 2011.


She enjoys working with all types of orthopedic injuries especially involving low back, SIJ, hip, neck and shoulders, overuse injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation. She specializes in athletics working with many high school, college, and tri and Ironman athletes. Heather’s personal and educational experiences have made her an excellent evaluator of the entire person. These experiences aid in her ability to design a program specifically styled for each patient to include a combination of both manual and exercise approaches. Her connection to area physicians has been key in managing the care of her patients with a team approach through communication with all providers.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, playing guitar and piano, singing, boxing, weightlifting and exercising, cooking clean and gluten free, spending time with friends and enjoying every minute of life to its fullest.


Kristen Robinson, PT, DPT

Kristen Robinson graduated from SUNY Oswego in 2010 from the Honors Program with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and a Minor in Health Science.  She continued her education at Daemen College where she graduated in 2013 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. Since this time Kristen’s clinical focus has included both manual outpatient therapy and pediatric physical therapy.

Kristen found her passion for physical therapy through her experience rehabbing her post-op ACL and meniscal tear from a soccer injury. Her enthusiasm for knowledge on how the human body works combined with her excellent people skills makes her a perfect fit for the IPT team. At the office Kristen is known for her uplifting laughter and joy that is contagious to all around. However, her employer Kimberly would argue that her diagnostic skills and ability to fit the pieces of the biomechanical puzzle together is what makes her so exceptional.

“At IPT I really enjoy that I get to work one-on-one with patients to better individualize their treatment and to problem solve their condition”. In treatments, Kristen utilizes manual therapy techniques that include: Mulligan joint mobilizations, myofascial release, active release technique, strain-counter strain, deep tissue release techniques, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, like graston), joint manipulation/ mobilization and more. She has additional training in the Egoscue method and functional eccentric therapy and sport specific training.

Personally, Kristen is interested in yoga, exercise classes and hiking.


Julie Scnneider, PTA

Julie Schneider is a skilled Physical Therapist Assistant at Integrative Physical Therapy and has been working in the field since 1993.  She received her training at The University of New York at Stony Brook, SUNY New Paltz, and Maria College.  She has worked in both hospital and out-patient clinic settings, however has been a key member of the IPT team for over three years.

Julie is known best at IPT for her amazing hands-on treatments. Her strong manual physical therapy skills and techniques have helped countless patients find relief from chronic pain, back pain, neck pain and musculo-skeletal injuries. Julie’s advanced training includes: myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active isolated stretching, functional massage (similar to active release technique), spinal mobilizations and kinesiology taping.

As an athlete herself, Julie’s passion extends to working with athletes and with sports injuries. As a cyclist and dancer (previous competitive runner) she is familiar with the rehabilitation needs of the sportsperson. She is a strong advocate and excellent trainer for core and pelvic stability, functional strengthening/conditioning and corrective postural exercises. The most rewarding aspect of her career is getting players back on the field.

“My goal as a therapist is to work with compassion and provide expertise to rehabilitate injuries, restore health and well-being and return patients’ to their desired life style.”

Julie believes her active lifestyle keeps her motivated to stay up-to-date with advances in physical therapy and allows her to teach her patients how to prevent injuries and better enjoy life.  When Julie is not at work she enjoys birding, painting and playing with her two beautiful children.





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