Integrative Physical Therapy

"Moving You From Pain & Injury… Back Into Your Life"

For Doctor’s

Because you care, refer your patients to IPT! Together we can make a difference.

IPT: The science of healing, the art of caring!

Please don’t give your patients a list and just send them to the closest PT clinic. Truly, all physical therapy is not the same.

Your new patients scheduled within 2 days.
We offer 45 minute uninterrupted one-on-one therapy, with treatments lasting up to one hour. We make the time to provide the skill! (As you know other clinics see 3 – 4 patients in one hour).

Try us where others have failed. Let us show you what skilled one on one therapy can do!

We promise your patients will return to you and thank you for insisting that they go to Integrative Physical Therapy! (And that they will not report being left alone on a hot pack, followed by some ultrasound thing for 5 minutes and then stuck in a gym).

Let us make a difference. All we need is your support and referrals.


» Sports & Running Injuries: Sport Specific Training
» Golfer's Performance Programs
» Women's Wellness & Health
» Osteoporosis Prevention & Treatment
» Headaches, Migraines & TMJ
» Gait & Balance Training, Fall Prevention
» Dance Injuries


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» Headaches & Women
» Motherhood & Back Pain
» Posture Therapy to Reduce Your Pain Now!
» Why Posture Matters to You!
» Spring ahead into Movement & Health
» Pilates