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What is Pilates?

The more appropriate question is who was Pilates: Joseph H. Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. His method was created in the early 1900’s, he originally called his system ‘Contrology.’ Pilates believed that his system of exercise would lead to a state of ‘optimal health’ and wellness. He brought ‘Contrology’ to the United States in 1926, opening his studio on 8th Avenue in New York City. The Pilates Environment, as it is often called, refers to the full repertoire of exercise and apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates so many years ago. But it is not just the exercises and equipment that make Pilates such a powerful exercises system, rather, it is the principles involved and inherent in each exercise that make Pilates what it is. Inattention to these principles will drastically decrease the benefits of this system, and ultimately will put the patient/client at risk for injury.

Why Pilates?

Why Pilates? Pilates as an exercise trend has grown tremendously over the last decade, and has become a household name. The benefits of Pilates exercise are:
• Increased Core Strength
• Increased Flexibility
• Increase Toning of the abdominals and extremities to• • Promotes long, lean muscle without adding bulk
• Improved Balance and Coordination
• Mental Focus & Stress Management

These benefits all fall under the umbrella of Improving Body Awareness and Efficiency of Movement, which is really the underlying focus or ‘bigger picture’ in Pilates. Pilates is mostly know by the general public for its use as a fitness and performance enhancement routine. Less commonly know is the profound impact seen when utilizing Pilates for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention.

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